Kicking Around The Norway Pavilion at Epcot...in 2017

It starts with trolls and it ends with trolls, you guys. Prepare yourselves.

Hey, guess who was cleaning their Gmail account and found a million pictures from random travels? It was me. (You're a bad guesser if you didn't get that.) Enjoy a little tour of Epcot's Norway pavilion, by way of low res phone photos, from February 2017. That's right. It's your dream come true. I bet you feel like princess of the internet.

Let's begin with Exteriors, Exteriors, Exteriors: Live from Carnegie Hall!

This church and other churches like it have become a bit of a Pinterest fixation for me. Norway is definitely on my list of places to go. I knew a girl from Finland once. She was super nice and she brought us weird candy that had rum in it. Thanks, student exchange program.

Someday I want a grass covered-roof. 

Hard cuts to a post-apocalyptic future wherein my roof is covered with grass due to rampant overgrowth and the world is overrun by zombies or warlords or zombie warlords and Jake points out that I said this and we remember and laugh and it freeze-frames. 

And then the zombies come.

Hey, let's look at the church again!

And now, a beer. We deserve it for all that scary zombie talk.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... 

...blissfully empty. As ranches tend to be. Barring the odd tumbleweed. Stray horse. Roving sasquatch? I don't know what happens on ranches.

Those pretty little details though.

The Fjording. A new movie starring Tilda Swinton as an enchanted horse mother who discovers a magical white colt she must nurse back to health.  

(I just made up the term "horse mother", I don't think it's a thing. I was picturing some kind of human guardian to a herd of wild horses. A flock of horses? A...a pack. Sure, guardian to a pack of wild horses.) 

Even the windows are pretty.

Let's be creeps and look closer in the window.

And that's why we shouldn't be creeps. And now, for the never sleep again portion of our show.

Let's zoom back out again, shall we? Let's enjoy an empty Epcot. Because how often does that happen?

RIP Waterfall

But seriously. I'm a giant baby. I blame the childhood trauma that was Troll, a 1986 movie featuring a character named Harry Potter. And Sonny Bono being turned into a plant. Yes. A plant. 

Pleeeeeease watch it.

But I can't leave you with the trolls. It's too cruel. Let's look at some ride queue stuff.

All dumb jokes aside, the Norway pavilion holds some of my most vivid childhood memories. I remember cool air, sweet candy, and roaring waves. I only went twice as a kid. Imagine that. Two days probably, but that's where the memories are concentrated. Strong enough to pull me back from time to time as an adult. Funny how that works, isn't it? 

Is there anywhere specific that calls to you from childhood? Come tell me about it.

Night, night!