Starbase Indy 2010 - The Con in Pictures

Jake and I just returned from Starbase Indy, the best sci-fi convention you'll find in the entire Mid-West.

This year was even better than the last. We've barely had time to process the weekend. We'll be unpacking Christmas gifts from the Dealer's Room, autographs, cards, and flyers for days. My favorite being the advertisement for A Klingon Christmas Carol, happening now in Chicago.

What we can share right now are pictures and a promise that the best coverage of the event is yet to come.

There's a video on the way with interviews from con guests, Klingons, the president of Indy Knights, and the Trek-based band Five Year Mission as well as an inside look at plenty of costumes, panels, and events that took place and some onscreen shenanigans by Ethan Phillips.

We're capturing footage right now, but it'll take a couple of weeks to edit, render and upload, after which I'll post the video here at Born For Geekdom and send out email and facebook messages to all those involved in the filming. Until then, here's a sneak peek at Starbase Indy 2010 in photos. I'll also post a list of businesses we bought merchandise from and some we plan to buy from in the future. Support small business! Especially those run by your fellow geeks.

Jake and Barf. Hands down, our favorite costume of the weekend.

The band Five Year Mission played a high-energy show. If Weezer and
They Might Be Giants had a Trekkie baby that loved to host sing-alongs,
this is what that baby would sound like. Except, it would be five babies...
and they would be grown men.
You HAVE NOT LIVED until you've watched Galaxy Quest on the big screen
at a convention with an audience full of fans.
"By Grapthar's Hammer...what a savings."

Geek Knits by Keriayn! Aside from the Trek dolls, she had a Leela and says
she's working on a Frye as well. She said she's considering opening
up an Etsy shop soon. 

The "Sci Fi and Ethics" Philosophy Seminar, lead by three authors
and college professors. Starbase Indy has plenty of intellectually stimulating
activities and panels that host in-depth discussions. 

The Saturday Night Masquerade involves a costume and skit contest.
This was "Star Fleet Man" set to "Sharp Dressed Man". Good times. 

The Starfleet Command Awards Ceremony. What's that?
You didn't know that Star Fleet has become a real thing?
Well, it has. With rank, transfer orders, Academy exams, captains, admirals, and much more.
Well hang on, finish looking at the pictures before you Google "How to join Star Fleet"...
and by the way, there's also something called "Barfleet".

One of the many charities supported by Starbase Indy, this was a Borg Cube constructed
to be filled with  canned food and donated to Gleaner's Food Bank.
See, here's the thing about geeks. We're smart, we're organized, we're obsessive, and
we're dead serious about the idea of a utopian future...so it's RPG, costumes,
and geektastic seminars for a good cause. Check out Cats Haven, a no-kill
shelter for cats in Indianapolis. A very worthy cause. 

Just goofing around with my boyfriend.

Martial Artist and Weapons Maker Gary Strunk displays his handmade Klingon Bat'leths.
If you frequent cons, these are much easier to get autographs on than metal weapons and they're also sturdy enough for actual combat. Plus...they're just plain super awesome. 

NASA astronaut David Wolf thrilled us with incredible stories of near-death experiences
 during space walks, life in zero gravity, home videos from shuttles and the ISS, and what's
happening at NASA after all the government cancellations this year. This was my favorite panel.
Wolf talked about how realistic it could be to create artificial gravity in space,
the problems they're working on to prepare humans for deep space travel,
and how with more financial resources, technologically-speaking,
humans are a mere 20 years away from setting foot on Mars. In fact, this panel may
end up with it's own blog entry later.  It was truly stunning and amazing. Plus, he set his
home movies to Queen's, "Don't Stop Me Now". Big time bonus points.  

The longest autograph line during the convention was for David Wolf,
which just goes to show it's not just a love of film and television that brings us to the con,
we're all totally serious about our love of space travel and the future of NASA.

Audrey, Hellraiser, and a Zombie Stormtrooper. Don't question it...

Here are some more businesses and organizations we met at Starbase Indy 2010:


Mystik Waboose
Starbase Atlanta


GOT STEAM? A Steampunk Emporium
Nigel Sade


Michael Roney - Klingon Translator
The Lou Trek Show
Starbase Indy