The Flaming Lips

My friend Jen posted a link to The Flaming Lips cover of Madonna's song, "Borderline".

Here it is.

I love the Flaming Lips. The first time I ever heard them was sitting in the Royal theater in Daville as a pre-teen and watching, "Batman Forever". They had a song on the soundtrack called, "Bad Days" that mesmerized me. It was the first song I ever made my parents listen to. They loved it. I distinctly remember it making my Dad smile. (Of course, this is also the man who bought me my first Beastie Boys album, "License to Ill". So he was pretty supportive of me expanding my musical horizons. Who knows why he was smiling?) Pardon the commercial, this one was tough to find and this is the only way I could post it.

<a href="http://www.joost.com/08203dv/t/The-Flaming-Lips-Bad-Days-Video">The Flaming Lips - Bad Days (Video)</a>

Then there is my favorite song of theirs, "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots", which I love for it's deicidedly action-heroine centric plot, and for the fact that when Jake and I first met, he used to make up stories to tell me all about what my life would be like if I was Yoshimi. He even made up a bad guy named, "Tetzao".

Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

So thank you Jen, for reminding me of how much I love the Flaming Lips.