Remember the Smurf Ride at Paramount's King's Island?

I decided to google the Smurf Ride today because I'm writing a review of the ride that now occupies the former Smurf Ride, which is Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle. In my opinion, the current ride is the weakest of any of the incarnations of that dark ride. Tops in my book was the amazing, Phantom Theater.

But maybe that's the nostalgia talking.

Anyway, I got a sensory blast from the past when I finally stumbled upon some video of the Smurfs ride. It's a theme park geek's dream, and it's probably at the root of why I'm so obsessed with dark rides today. This and the Haunted Mansion had me mesmerized as a kid. I would absolutely LOVE to ride this again. Since we can't, here's the next best thing.

"Look at all the smurfs, Ryan!"

I couldn't find any quality footage of the Phantom Theater, but I did find some great audio. Sidenote, I don't remember the Phantom sounding so much like the Mad Hatter or the guy who sings, "Wipeout".

The two guys at the end of the ride manning the furnace always reminded me of the positively traumatizing Scoleri brothers. Anyone remember this ride? And I know it's vastly off-topic, but check out this great behind-the-scenes video of a Scoleri brothers costume-fitting.