I Survived The Ten Commandments! Or, "How I learned to stop worrying and avoid cutting bangs."

I love the movie, "The Ten Commandments". I also love, "Ben Hur". I love them in the same way that I love the Indiana Jones movies, only not nearly at the same intensity. 

That's not why I'm so happy though. I have overcome a major seasonal malfunction. You see, every SINGLE year when they show, "The Ten Commandments" on TV, I want to cut bangs because of this woman...
Her name is Anne Baxter and she plays Nefertiri in the movie. I LOVE this hairstyle and it's partially because of her. I've just love that Egyptian look, probably due to all those old Mummy movies I grew up watching. I also always wanted to look like Virginia Christine from, "The Mummy's Curse". It's tough to find a good picture of her, but here are a couple...

But you see, when I cut bangs, I do not look like either of these women. BECAUSE THEY WERE WEARING WIGS. When I cut bangs, I look like Spock. Or one of the Beatles. So for the first time this year, I reminded myself of these differences and actually managed to resist temptation. I did NOT cut bangs. I did, however, dye my hair black. Baby steps.

By the way, this is how I looked with bangs. It's a big ole ouch on the eyes.

So rejoice for me! I learned to stop cutting my own hair this Easter!


  1. You don't look like the girl from Napoleon Dynamite. You look more like the lady from the Ten Commandments. I agree Westerns are where it is at when it comes to matter of fact Christianity.

  2. I agree that the bangs look cute on you.

    The difference between you and Ms. Ten Commandments is her hair is straighter and thinner.

    You should feel lucky to have volumous hair. :)


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