7 Classic Halloween Cartoons

You know, I put one of these up the other day and then took it down. Because I always feel a little weird about not putting up original content. But to be honest, Halloween is something that I majorly geek out over. So why not? It counts! Here are some of my favorite Halloween videos, and you can bet I'll do the same thing for Christmas...

Here's an Animaniacs, "Good Idea, Bad Idea" designed just for Halloween.

Here's the darling Witch Hazel, at her Halloween best! My but her tiny little legs are limber...

If you ever run into a monster, just do this. It will give you plenty of time to escape. (Giant orange wardrobe shaped monster is "Gossamer" who never stood a chance against poor Bugs anytime he was featured.)

Here's Jake's favorite Halloween song, by Mr. Bing Crosby himself, from, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". Is it just me, or did this end up being the prototype for several, "Beauty and the Beast" characters and locations?

Here are all the musical segments from Garfield's Halloween Adventure, which I highly recommend watching in it's entirety.

Disney frequently did Halloween specials in the 80's, here's a remastered introduction from one of them. But searching for them on YouTube can bring SCADS of fun memories up and out of ye olde brain. (Who remembers the talking pumpkin puppet?)

It wouldn't be a cartoon Halloween without this classic Wizard's duel! Mad Madame Mim! But embedding has been disabled, but I say it's still worth a watch. CLICK HERE to watch!