Script Bits - Werewolves, Robots, and Lawyers

This week's Script Bits is up over at FiveSprockets.com

You can catch Script Bits every Tuesday and the Movie Release Report every Friday over at FiveSprockets.com, which is quite handy when you aren't sure what all your options are for weekend movies.

Screeners of, "The Men Who Stare at Goats" and Michael Moore's, "Capitalism: A Love Story" just arrived today and I'll be posting a review of, "My One and Only" here soon. Hooray for holiday breaks that allow you to catch up on film reviews and awards voting!

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  1. Undoubtably Audrey is a sensational new writer on the horizon and will sail to the top like a Bat on a long leash!!
    Obviously her mama who sounds likes a total squirrel with crazy cat lady sidelines messed her normalcy rate up big time but Hey! that's what creativity is made of... She will go far..
    unless she is medicated or locked up for surveillance in the meantime. I enjoy this stuff although I seriously doubt that anybodies mother could really be such a geek. Mother's by sheer necessity are serene, hard-working and sensible.
    I will tell all my friends for a good time to visit Born for Geekdom. Kudos, Kudos, Kudos


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