Greg Nicotero's, "United Monster Talent Agency" and other monster-inspired shorts

I remember hearing about this a few months back and getting so excited that I could hardly stand it. This is a short for AMC directed by Nicotero, a special effects artist and up until this point, a second unit director. But if there's any justice in the world, this will become a full feature! 

If you're a monster geek, this is going to make your DAY. Just in time for Halloween, here's, United Monster Talent Agency.

Naturally, it's only fair to include one of the other great "inspired by" horror shorts. What makes short films like this so great, I think, is the effort to recreate not just the imagery of these great movies, but the dedication of the actors to recreate the style of the dialogue.

What kind of a monster movie advocate would I be if I didn't include the Monster Squad preview. True, it's not a short, but it's one of the best modern makeup salutes to the Universal monsters ever created. (And if you watch it now, it's astoundingly violent...oh how I miss the eighties definition of a "kids's movie".)

One more time now! Let's keep going with the Ed Begley Jr. theme and watch the, Transylvania 6-5000 preview.

In fact, I'm starting to have major monster flashbacks. There was a major monster renaissance in the late eighties and early nineties if I'm remembering correctly, thanks to the run on Werewolf films at the box office. 

I even remember a series of Pepsi commercials featuring the whole undead gang...anyone else remember the great eighties Monster renaissance? (Gremlins, Silver Bullet, etc.)

I found some visual evidence that is starting to focus the fuzzy
 memories...a Monster Match game? Perhaps in the early nineties?

Who else remembers this?

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