Happy Geekoween

My sisters are like Martha Stewarts with better senses of humor and extensive knowledge bases of pop culture. So it was no surprise that one of them (Heather) sent me a couple of images of their Halloween pumpkins, and they looked like this...

I'm amazed but not surprised, this is the super cool sister that has also done THIS and THIS.

Happy Halloween from Born For Geekdom and my super cool sister, who always provides us with plenty of geek-related holiday crafts. She seriously blows my mind. (And just wait until you read her novel...it's a comedy about old people becoming werewolves. Did you head just explode with admiration? Mine did.)


  1. Super cool sister is right. Very cool! Of course you're one super cool sistah yourself. ;)

    Happy Halloween, live long and prosper, yadda yadda.

  2. Geekdom is genetic, be proud : )


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