Need to Make Travel Plans for Your Star Wars Geek?

Why not visit some planets from the Star Wars universe? Jake and I have long pined over the travel posters hung in the halls of Star Tours: The Ride at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, but they're tough to find. (And expensive...) But Zazzle is offering some super nifty retro Star Wars logos that would make wonderful gifts. (Here's a link to the Star Wars Zazzle shop.) Of course, the better course of action would be to book a trip to Hoth, but I think that might present some rather interesting challenges...what with it not being a real place and all. But still, a girl can dream...

Empire is the movie we always watch to decorate the Christmas tree.
If you dig stuff like this, you may enjoy this book. A friend of ours got this for us as a Christmas gift last year, and we look through it often, especially when we long for some artistic inspiration. It's a book of art done by famous concept artist and matte painter Ralph McQuarrie and it's plum full of the art that went on to create the definitive "look" of Star Wars.

Due to copyright issues, the book had to be published overseas.
Here one last loving look at the travel posters as they hung at Star Tours. Who knows what changes will come with the ride revamp, currently underway?

Travel posters for Bespin, Tattoine, and Endor, homes respectively to Cloud City, Jabba's Palace, and Yoda's Shack.