How to Deal with Aggression...the Geek Way

You know, when I'm having a bad day and I feel like exploding, or when I'm busy and feel like the work will never end, or even when I'm stuck on a shuttle bus crammed full of grumpy people talking on cell phones, there's one movie I think of to cheer myself up. Well, okay...two.

I find that I have the punk song, "I Hate You" from the bus scene stuck in my head more often than not...

"The only choice we're given is HOW MANY MEGATONS!" haha!

I also think of this quote A LOT. (And sometimes I even let myself reference it, no matter who is present and whether or not they will "get it".)

The first person that leaves a comment saying, "Hey, I thought that was from Family Guy," has officially been warned...you don't want me to go off on my Family Guy tangent. If you've never seen Temple of Doom, watch it. Right. Now.