Avengers, ASSEMBLE! (Movie Review)

Remember that time I used to be a professional writer? Every once in a great while, I still do that. My Avengers review has posted over at the Orlando Attractions Magazine blog. And hey, since you have nine billion other reviews to choose from, I'd like to vote that you read mine instead. Because I was so excited about the movie that I let a half a dozen typos slip through. You know...for authenticity. And charm? Okay, I was just really busy doing video production stuff and didn't have the time to proofread. But still, you can bet it includes a wee bit o' feminist ranting. It would hardly be an Audrey review without it, right? Right.


  1. I was surprised at how well Avengers tuned into that real comic book feel .. this one may be worth watching in more than once!

  2. A great review. I like the points about Whedon's strong female characters. Nice job.