Four Tanks and a Kickstarter: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Support Independent Artists

So there's this guy...Larry Longstreth. I've blogged and kind of raved about him before. I fully support him. I'm also more than a little jealous of his chutzpah. If only we could all dig our heels in on the idea of filmmaking.

Amid his many ideas and projects, Longstreth is also working on an animated series about an MMORPG game. There's nifty concept art and clever writing and for crying out loud, it's been backed by theonering.net. But to create an entire season, the project needs backers. That's where you come in.

Four Tanks and a Healer now has a Kickstarter account. CHECK IT OUT!

Look at the link. Make a donation, even a small one.

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