Futurama Returns. Again!

This is GREAT news. I love this show so much and I'm THRILLED that it's coming back, even though I was less than pleased with some of the most recent new material. Any Futurama is good Futurama if you ask me.

HERE is the report from Variety.

In fact, this article I wrote in 2007 the first time Futurama came back kind of covers my feelings about the show. (Apparently I was opposed to paragraphs back then...)

I can't say enough about this show, it's witty, FULL of geek culture, hilarious, and had important guest stars such as Bea Arthur, and the ENTIRE cast of Star Trek. (Except James Doohan. They explained his absence in the show by filling his spot with a character named, "Welshie". He's the one getting electrocuted at the beginning of the clip.) Anyway, Bea's clip is first, then Trek's.

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