MegaCon, Deep Field & MST3K

Hey Nerds,

It's been a busy week for me work-wise. So I wanted to share a few geeky inspirations that have been carrying me through.

1. I got my Megacon ticket yesterday! Huzzah! Are you going? I train for Megacon like normies train for sportsballing or Ninja Warrior. By that time, my first comic will be complete and my second comic will be live on the interwebs!

2. My husband recently introduced me to a 20-minute original symphony composed by Eric Whiteacre. His inspiration? Many of the images from the Hubble telescope. It's quite beautiful and really takes off around the 12:00 mark.

3. MST3K returned to Netflix yesterday in honor of their upcoming reboot. Naturally, our first pick was "Space Mutiny". A movie so bad, I used to show it to my creative writing students so we could break it down and talk about what not to do when writing a script. 

Roll Fizzlebeef is my favorite alternate name for David Ryder. Are you ready for the new MST3K series? (I am!)

How's by you, intenet?

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