The Muppets' Swedish Chef Gets Musical! - and a few 70's anthems

The Muppets have been on Youtube for quite some time now, but this is their latest addition to the viral video world and it's an instant classic. Check out this video from Muppet Studios titled, "Popcorn"...

I just have to send a special internet shout-out to my bestie Adam in NYC, because we used to sing this song incessantly. This did wonders for the people around us, I'm sure it wasn't annoying at all that the two most hyperactive kids in the ENTIRE high school chose a kicky wordless tune from the 70's to "sing" for weeks at a time, followed by raucous fits of giggling. I miss you Adam! Now we can hum this with a Swedish accent!

This super cool inclusion of a funky seventies tune reminds me of one of the movie scenes that I love most from one of the movies that had the greatest impact on me as a kid and one that will permanently remain in my top 10 all time favorite films. It's the use of a disco version of, "Thus Spake Zarathustra" from Peter Sellars' "Being There". A film that celebrates quiet dignity and questions our very society's collective sanity. (Warning: strong language is present in the following clip.)

Don't you just LOVE "fish out of water" stories? And how about that perfectly framed shot of him walking in the middle of traffic with the U.S. Capitol building in the center of the frame? *sigh* Anyway, I'm kind of obsessed with doing things in threes. So here's one final funky 70's version of a classical song. I know, it's not the theme we started with...but I never claimed to be consistent. Read this next line with Casey Kasem's voice. "Now here's Walter Murphy with his funk masterpiece, "A Fifth of Beethoven".

(It's only fair that since I issued you a warning about the strong language of the last clip that I also tell you that the last five to ten seconds of this clip include John Travolta in a pair of underwear...you've been warned...)

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