Comic-Con Fever

I know, just last week I admitted to having British fever...I'm coming down with a lot of weird geek ailments lately. But I am actually feeling a little sick over missing Comic-Con. I think if I won the lottery tomorrow, people would be surprised at how I would spend my money. Star Fleet uniforms, conventions aplenty, and lots of trips to theme parks. I guess it would be a little bit like Tom Hanks from, "Big".

So I've been babbling a lot lately about Comic-Con, and I thought I'd provide you some of the links to said babbling.

Why Comic-Con Matters

10 Things You May Not Know About Comic-Con

Comic-Con: Your Friendly Neighborhood Film Festival

Zombie Girl: The Movie To Screen At Comic-Con

As far as convention satire goes, this is by far and away one of the greatest (and most under-rated) movies to address the subject.

Then there's this, which I enjoyed very much...

I think I'd make an excellent nerdy correspondent for someone at Comic-Con. Somebody send me next year...I'm shameless...but until then, I'll be glued to the internet as soon as the festival starts and crossing my fingers that Conan will give us a Triumph segment at the Con. Who would you dress as if you could go in costume?

So many choices...so little disposable income.

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