Ashley Eckstein: Her Universe Relaunches in One Day

If you've been to Her Universe lately, you've probably seen the countdown to the site's relaunch. Are you excited to see what Ashley Eckstein will be rolling out with the new iteration? I know I'm super psyched!

While you wait, you can read my 2011 interview with Ashley back when the company was brand new or listen to some audio from the original phone interview.

One thing that really blows my mind when reading that old interview is just how much the culture has actually, measurably changed over the last six years. I can't believe how much balance has been restored to the force. Nice work, Ashley and fangirls near and far!

Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe - 2011 - Raw Interview Audio from Audrey Brown on Vimeo.

P.S. One of my favorite geek fashion bloggers is Kay. She's a great person to follow if you're into geek fashion. You can also find her here. I'm sure she'll have all the latest when it comes to Her Universe.

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