Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar - 1/27/17

After I posted the pictures from Disney Springs yesterday, a couple people asked for pics from Jock's. So there are several below. Frankly, it's the perfect date night for a couple of geeks in love. The fictional narrative it presents offers us a new storyline (so nerds like me aren't nitpicking or scanning for perfect location recreations). But it does offer us plenty of props and all the right vibes.

The food there is so delicious and they always modify the menu for us because we're vegan. They're extremely cool about it too and never make us feel bad, which is honestly so wonderful compared to how some other restaurants react when you ask them to make modifications.

Anyway, here's to vicarious living through pictures! They're nothing fancy, I just took them with my phone, but I hope you enjoy!

One of the coolest things about grabbing a meal here is the atmosphere. If you look carefully, you'll recognize a lot from the movies. For example, the voodoo dolls from Temple of Doom on a shelf below...

I really wish they would sell these posters! Our living room is Indiana Jones themed. But we didn't want it to be a tribute to the movies in a direct, on-the-nose way. We chose to decorate it as though it were a place Indiana Jones might live. Travel posters like the one below for Pankot would really make the illusion complete...

Jake tried the whiskey flight last night. 

Sorry, but I have to...

Anyway, we also split a bourbon. Pretty, right?

We ordered Sallah's sweet potato Falafel. It was so delicious. And yeah, we're the obnoxious people who took a picture of our food...

Love the grail reference from this sign by the bar.

This drink is called Reggie's Revenge

I know this picture is really dark, but they have a gorgeous card catalogue as furniture and it's the stuff my living room Pinterest dreams are made of...

Cool, original prop for Jock. 

Another super awesome retro radio. Reminds me of the radios we recently saw at the Beach Club. Love everything about this gorgeous arrangement of props. I pretend the hat belongs to Captain Spaulding. (Of the Marx Brothers! Not the other one.) 

I also pretend Groucho as Captain Spaulding was the first Jungle Cruise skipper. A lot of the jokes have a very Marx Brothers feel to them with their word play and rapid fire dialogue. But that's another blog for another day...

You can purchase a lot of the cocktail glasses as souvenirs if you need to bring a touch of the amazon home with you. (Or Shanghai, or Scotland, or Florida, or, or, or...) 

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