Nerdwriter's "Leitmotifs in Lord of the Rings"

Do you remember how "Lord of the Rings" made you feel? Do you know why it made you feel that way? Or how? The science of emotion and art can't always be so easily broken down and analyzed. But when it can, it allows us to recognize art as a craft.

Many people will tell you that great art is lightning in a bottle, a series of coincidences and chance meetings knitting together to create something meaningful. Something fate-breathed. Bologna.

Great art is education and effort. It is the repetition of an effective technique applied to a specific format for a particular purpose. A lot of people don't want to believe that because it somehow feels "false" to them. They want to believe that art is magic. And it is. And magic is just an illusion performed by a disciplined artist.

Listen, relax and give your brain something wonderful to start the week...

There's a lot to love here, but the script for the video itself is incredibly well-composed. Of course, it's always a joy to revisit Howard Shore's masterful score. Sidenote: If those last four words don't sound like an elocution exercise from "The King's Speech", I don't know what does.

My friend Marc shared this video with me via email. I appreciate both he and Nerdwriter giving me the excuse to start my week with those familiar and pleasing strains from "Lord of the Rings". I'm new to Nerdwriter, but it looks like his YouTube channel is chock full o'thorough, intelligent film and cultural analysis. Go visit.

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