It's Groundhog Day! Time for the Groundhog Day Gif Parade!

Usually I would post a Bill Murray quote or something. I mean...it's the only Bill Murray-related holiday of the year?! Well, except for Christmas. And the Fourth of July. Eh, who are we kidding? Every day is Bill Murray day.

Anyway, I'm drafting something new for Hello Giggles today and doing lots of research and scheduling for a few upcoming interviews. I even have a few movies reviews to write and post. I'm running a bit behind, that's for sure. But it's been so difficult to focus.

One writer on Twitter summed up exactly how it feels to attempt to focus on freelance assignments here in the beginning of 2017...

Mary Ann, you hit it right spot on. And one million bonus points for referencing the fabulous British sitcom The IT Crowd. (Seriously, go watch it.) Ah well...maybe this will help...it's worth a try.

You know what? That did help a little.

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