Cory Doctorow Interview and More

Just thought I'd drop a quick line to let you know that my interview with Cory Doctorow can be seen in the Autumn issue of, "Orlando Attractions Magazine". I originally interviewed him for an article I did on the 40th anniversary of the Haunted Mansion for Geek Monthly this summer. But there was so much of that interview that I couldn't fit into that one article. I needed to find it a home of it's own! You can pre-order the issue HERE.

I really love Orlando Attractions, and have a way of only ending up writing for magazines that I myself would (an do) buy...I guess I should branch out someday. But for now, I'll continue to stick to the material that I geek out over.

Speaking of Geek, I'm in this month's digital subscribers issue of Geek Monthly catching up with the superheroes, especially Christopher Dennis (your favorite Superman from the amazing documentary), "Confessions of a Suerphero". If you haven't seen it, Netflix it asap. It's impactful and sweet.

I'll also be in the next issue of Pirates Magazine, sure to hit stands very soon.

I'll also be reporting on the James Dean festival at the end of this month in some...unique ways...more details as they come. So that's just a tease.

We just wrapped filming on, "Park Geeks" at Walt Disney World thanks to some AMAZING generosity from a friend. The filming wouldn't have happened without him, bottom line, and Jake, Josh, and I are immensely grateful! He is our fourth Park Geek.

As a bonus, one of the days we were there was my birthday, so I had about 60 people wish me a genuine Happy Birthday (and even some impromptu serenades) because of the birthday pin Disney gifted me with! It really was magical!

We're still deciding what format the show will take on when it hits the web next Spring over at the Theme Park Channel. Speaking of which, when you watch "shows" on the internet, how much time do you give them, I'm talking original material. Not re-runs of network shows. We want to figure out the best format for Park Geeks. 10 minute chunks, 20, 5, what do you think?

Graduate school has begun for me, I'm seeking a Master's Degree in Creative Writing. Mostly so they'll force me to finish a book. If they can't do it, nobody can...the sheer amount of reading necessary for my degree has been incredible. But I am LOVING reading all that they're throwing at me.

I'm still writing plenty over at http://www.fivesprockets.com/, a few times a week usually. On Tuesdays I write the Script report, telling you all about what's happening in the world of scriptwriting, selling, wheeling and dealing. On Fridays I write a Movie Release Report to tell you all about what movies are out, focusing on independent film especially. There's always so much more out than most people know.

Five Sprockets is one of the most empowering websites out there for people who are really wanting to bring their creativity to fruition, but may not know where to begin. I recommend it highly, the sheer amount of tools available to the average Jane and Joe on that site is remarkable, they've pulled the curtain back on Hollywood.

I no longer blog for Forces of Geek, but I will say I still LOVE that site. It's a great concept and a great crew. But I'm running out of hours in the day. I'll be slowly but surely republishing some of my previous material over at my own blog, www.bornforgeekdom.com and continuing to work on finalizing my book of essays on Action Heroines of Film. It's still coming, I swear...

I'm also still continuing to build on the newest facet of life, voice-over work. I'm enjoying it, and need to do some work on sound-proofing my office and building a better and more professional reel.

Oh yeah...and I still want to learn how to play the ukelele.

Tap dancing would be nice too.

Until then, I'd say I'm busy enough.

P.S. I deleted my Twitter account but am still "on" Facebook and Myspace, though not as often as I used to be. I'm lucky to be too busy for the social networking I used to be able to keep up with!