Star Tours II

Very exciting post over at http://www.loadedcouchpotatoes.com/ about the second iteration of the SUPER FUN Disney ride, "Star Tours".

Read the post HERE.


If you've never been able to enjoy this ride, you can read my review of the ride HERE.

(You may notice some strange facts about the author that don't match up with what you know about me...I was getting some unsavory comments from someone on that site at one point, so I changed my information for a while to be harder to find there. Cover officially blown I guess...)

And here's the complete ride video, though I'm sure I've posted it before, I'd say this news earns it a second post! I just rode the WDW version of this a couple of weeks ago, and no matter how old I get...it's still giddy fun. You may also notice a certain Mr. Paul Reubens as the voice of the pilot droid. Just an added geek bonus. And our friend who wrote the article about the second Star Tours ride pointed out to Jake, Josh and I that George Lucas makes a cameo in the ride at the very end. Can you spot him?