Joaquin and Crispin

Bear with me...

I've been listening to Pandora.com where I have a Johnny Cash station. So they played some songs from Joaquin Phoenix's performance as Johnny Cash in, "Walk The Line". (Love Johnny, love the movie, love the music, love it all.)

SO. I decide to Google Joaquin and see how he's doing. He's always been a favorite actor of mine, all the way back to, "Space Camp". (Yep, he's in it. Go rent it, it's a throwback classic.) Ever since his strange Letterman appearance, he sort of dissapeared, which is a shame for all of us. This has been alarming to some people, but I feel okay about it. Why? Because he's clearly mid-mockumentary or art project or film or performance art.

Exhibit A, as we all know, is that Casey Affleck, a close personal friend of his is filming a "documentary" about Joaquin's attempted leap to the rap business.

But Exhibit B, though it can only be counted as peripheral at best, is Crispin Glover. Glover made a now notrious appearance on Letterman in 1987, clearly in character. People thought he was insane or on drugs. Here is that appearance.

Here is a trailer for a movie he did that was released not too long after his appearance...

How this can remain a mystery after the existence of the movie and the appearance together is a mystery to me. It's obvious, right?

So Joaquin is doing the same thing, or so I choose to believe. It's the weirdos who make the best, or at least the most intersting, performers.

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