3 Things I Still Love: The Awards Show Edition

Sakes alive, I love awards shows. Actually, scratch that. I don't love awards shows. (See THIS VIDEO at 4:37 for relevant commentary.)

I love the opportunities they create for wild cards to ruin the reverent hush of a high-falootin' audience. And also, I like pretty dresses. To quote Cordelia from Buffy, "What, I can't have layers?"

Just a couple days ago, I ventured down the rabbit hole of fun awards show moments. Which brings us to this week's edition of 3 Things I Still Love: The Awards Show Edition. (This blog is nominated for best repetitive copy. Fingers crossed! Fingers Crossed!)

1. Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell at the Golden Globes

2. THIS. Forever and ever this, this, this.

Bonus points to Jack McBrayer for his delightful bit. I'm cheating and sneaking this moment into my list too. "But Audrey, then it won't be three things." Quiet, you!

3. Conan's 2006 Emmy opening has basically been recreated by every host since. It's that good.

Sometimes they do it really well. And speaking of Steve Carell again, here's this delightful little bit.

BONUS: Jack Black, Will Ferrell, and John C. Reilly at the Oscars

What moments did I miss? Share links in the comments!

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